Baadal has extensive solution for you hosting and infrastructure needs.

  • Virtual Machines: Provision of windows and linux based virtual machines in minutes. A simple Baadal GUI allows you to register yourself and can request for any number of virtual machines with different flavours of windows and linux.
  • Public IP: Public IP is provided to users so that applications can be hosted for public access.
  • Baadal Container service: Baadal uses docker based tools to deploy and manage containers. Various pre-configured containers are available for quick setup.
  • Load Balancer: Deliver high availability to user's applications running on Baadal cloud setup.
  • VPN Gateway: Establish secure connectivity between Baadal cloud machines and user's permises. Users can either request for a public IP or can request for a VPN connection and can connect to their virtual machines using private IP.
  • Baadal DNS: Baadal allows any user to host their DNS domain in Baadal. A “” domain is being provided to the users.
  • Baadal Storage: Durable, Scalable and highly available cloud storage. Many users have requested storage from Baadal's setup. Upto 250TB of virtualised storage is available to be provided to the users.